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Trademark and Copyright

We has gained a position of repute in the industry arena for rendering highly professional and customized Patent Trademark services to their clients. The entity is backed by a team of diligent and hard working professional detectives, who carry out the investigation activities effectively and provide our esteemed clients with the best results. Our entity has become a name to reckon with and the Top Detective Agency in India.

In our Patent Trademark investigation services, we start off by conducting a successful market survey, which helps us in identifying the fake and spurious articles which are present in the market. We not only find out the fake products, but also reach to the roots to find out who manufactures and supplies the same. The market today is full of counterfeit products, which is letting down the image of the brand and is doing a high damage to the goodwill and value of the entity. We hence help our clients in tracing out the culprits who are letting down the brand value of your products by making its duplicate. We help you in saving the brand image of your products as well as your organization.

Years of time and effort are spent on building a brand image which could be tarnished irreversibly by manufacturers of spurious products. Many a times, these spurious products with your brand name and trademark enter the market. These products enjoy your market share and reduce your profit margin and the brand image to a considerable extent.

We co-ordinate our investigative activities across several geographic locations to detect, identify, curtail and prevent the business in counterfeit products and infringement of trademarks.

We will protect your organization from counterfeit merchandise and gray market trading. We have been actively locating and purchasing counterfeit goods including but not limited to videos, software, clothing and electronics. We have established undercover trading companies that obtain data and merchandise from suspicious sources. Our network of detective agents is spread all over the country with metro cities being the prime focus. Our sophisticated network enables us to monitor the movement of this counterfeit, gray market merchandise in the country.

All of the above information depends on the situation & circumstances of the case. All of the above said investigations and surveillance are carried out by a professional & trusted investigator under various suitable covers.

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