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Detective Agency in Mumbai

MAGNUM investigation service is one of the most dynamic and structural investigation services. Detective Agency in Mumbai are a bunch of professionals with an experience of more than 15 years in this Field. Our team originates from varied business fields such as Finance, Telecom and IT. In the modern scenario where frauds of all types happen and to solve such cases our corporate experience enables us to have an edge over our competitors.

There is no structured method apparently, but situational content takes over to strategies and plan bridging the gap, to bring the case to a logical conclusion. Detective Agency services are used by all section of society mainly by Banks, Corporate business houses, individual client (for personal and matrimonial cases). Our report and findings are independent and unbiased.

Who we Are

We provide comprehensive strategic support to corporate houses, business community, religious institutions, social organizations, government departments and other individuals in resolving complicated issues and removing obstacles from your path of progress.

We maintain 100% confidentiality in all cases from our end and present the client with truthful result and report. We have a countrywide network and our team is spread out across the length and breadth of the country. Technologically, we are far advanced in terms of detection hardware and use them to handle the cases.

Our Vision: "Facts are stranger then the Fiction.... and we uncover that for you"

Our specialized services include:

  • Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-Matrimonial Investigations to include Divorce/Alimony cases
  • Assets Verifications
  • Infringement of copyright, trademark, label & patent related
  • Investigation and subsequent raids
  • Corporate Competitive Analysis & Intelligence
  • Business & Industrial Espionage
  • Frauds / Thefts / Missing Persons
  • Litigation support
  • Obtaining evidences required for legal matters

Founder of Magnum Detectives

With the assets of a dynamic personality and analytical mind, MR. Prashant Palekar raised an exclusive strategic support service agency, popularly known as Magnum Detectives for providing complete solutions to its vast clientèle.

Having rigid practical experience in Investigations and Shadowing, he looked after complete operations such asIntelligence Corporate Investigations, Detection, Collection of Evidences & Proofs with discreet Enquiry under Suitable Investigation covers.

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