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Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial Verification is one of the most important facts. In marriages we believe that the marriages are made in heaven but now days we believe that the faith is very crucial and important for the couples. In Post & Pre Matrimonial Investigation issue and post marriage investigation, our team inspect on the character, nature, education, age, business / employment details, criminal clearance check, sources of income and family background check. But now we know that couples are not able to believe and for making them better life we do pre matrimonial investigation.

Unsure about your partner's background, honesty, and fidelity? “PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” We strongly recommend Pre Matrimonial Discreet verifications before you take the most important decision of your life.

What We Do

Magnum Detectives is a specialized agency in carrying out Post & Pre Matrimonial verifications in a highly discreet & professional manner. We have all India network and global strategic alliances for conducting all types of investigations and legal evidences required for Post & Pre matrimonial inquiries.

In Pre & Post Matrimonial Verifications, a thorough investigation is carried about the Groom / Bride, You Partner extra marital affair and their family background in a highly discreet manner so as to maintain the sanctity of the alliance, we verify the following aspects.

Our specialized services include:

  • Family background
  • Details of family members
  • Business and Professional income
  • Social and Financial status
  • Previous Matrimonial disputes in family if any Character of the Subject
  • Accomodation Status
  • Habits and Behaviour
  • Health and Fitness
  • Social Friends
  • Vices and Addiction
  • Overall Suitability

Special Features Of Magnum Detectives

In Pre & Post Matrimonial Verification, Customized investigations are conducted on either of the spouses in the event of a suspicion of infidelity. We have an exhaustive inquiry format covering following details.

  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Habits and Behavior of the spouse
  • Daily routine,during and after work hours of the spouse
  • Friends circle
  • Vices and Addiction
  • Vices and Addiction
All of the above information depends on the situation & circumstances of the case. All of the above said investigations and surveillance are carried out by a professional & trusted investigator under various suitable covers.

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